Exploring the Holistic Lifestyle with Kaya Peters


Rebecca Hellyer from MyDubaiMyCity.com visits Platform-3 to explore the Holistic Lifestyle approach by Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher Kaya Peters to keep the Body, Mind and Soul in sync!

Satisfying your carb cravings the healthy way

Some mornings you just randomly wake up with a craving for cream filled cookies, deep dark chocolate brownies and mummy’s old-fashioned butterscotch cake. Driving to work you can’t help yourself but imagining passing the local pattiserie on your way home or spending the evening cooking up some of your favorite sweet carby dishes. But then… out of nowhere… a little angel pops up on your right shoulder and whispers: “Hey… wooowww..  lady!! It’s the new year… Remember what we agreed on this time?” And of course you do… :-// Unfortunately.

This year was going to be about abs and ass! Or at least, that’s what you decided in December, when your Christmas dinner blowout made your pants rip when gracefully sitting down at the dinner table. So yes, as horrific as it may seem right now, this year you’ll give yourself no more chances for sugar filled treats and cakes with names starting with cheese or butter.

So, time to discover the healthy carbohydrate kitchen it is! Because there IS actually a way to eat, enjoy and feel satisfied, without adding a little layer of fat over those sexy abs of yours, or making you feel like any less sexy than you actually are.

But what do you eat when the premenstrual sweet-cravings overtake your common sense, regardless of all your good intentions?

Here’s a start, for a simple sweet and warming breakfast bowl, that at the same time flushes toxins our of your system.


_MG_7293Ingredients (for one person):

* One cup of buckwheat groats
* 1 cup of rice milk
* Spring or filtered water
* A handful of frozen blueberries
* 1 tspn of cinnamon powder
* 1 generous tspn of organic coconut oil
* 5 jumbo almonds soaked overnight

For the almond milk:

* 1 handful of almonds (soaked overnight)
* a big glass of spring water
* some cinnamon powder to taste (optional)

Make the almond milk by blending almonds, water and cinnamon in the blender into a smooth white milk. Use a strainer or cheesecloth to separate the milk from the pulp and set aside while you prepare your porridge.

Cook the buckwheat groats with the water, rice milk, blueberries, almonds and cinnamon for 10 minutes until it forms a smooth porridge. Set aside for 5 minutes with the lid on, then scoop into a bowl and top with the some leftover almond pulp (from your almond milk) and a spoon of coconut oil.

Enjoy this deliciously sweet and nourishing breakfast in the sun with a cup of green tea 🙂 That’s what I did, and it was yummie!